Advanced Demand Management Systems

Why invest in our process?

Our innovative process reverses the out-of-date practice of pushing products and instead offering a robust solution with monetary gains. We start with a deep evaluation of the monetary margin between the way a facility currently uses electricity and new ways to leverage the utility rate structure. We then apply a wealth of energy solutions, product knowledge and software programming skill to design a non-biased ADMS (Advanced Demand Management System) package to beat the utility structure and achieve the desired payback.

How it works

We connect your energy assets together with our automation controller using custom algorithms to modify how you are billed for energy.

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An Innovative Process


Determine opportunity to leverage utility structure


Build profit algorithm (constantly thinking and evaluating changing conditions)


Engineer ADMS to meet goals of algorithm


EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Services)

Who we work with

Using our proprietary algorithms, our Advanced Demand Management Systems integrate seamlessly with the major loads of your facility to drive down the cost of demand charges imposed by utility providers. Utilizing our software-based control system, this is easily achieved without hindering the operations or comfort of your building. We can work with any building, facility or organization that pays a demand charge for the peak power it receives in addition to the kWh's of energy consumed. To see if your building qualifies, call us today.

Multi-Family Units

Logisitcs & Freight Distribution

Storage Facilities

Retail Stores


Grocery Stores

Schools & Universities

Office Spaces

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Speak with EnergyLink CEO, Chris Ihler about your thoughts on your projects needs or any questions you may have regarding EnergyLink or our advanced demand management systems.

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